World’s Best 45 lb Barbell Weight Wall Clock

Ready to impress? Perhaps post that unbelievable YouTube or Facebook video? Or maybe you just need to mind encouragement for a heavier lift. We can help. is the original and only online source to order barbell plates that mimic the look of real Olympic-style barbell plates by the pair. Order yours today!

Barbell Wall Clock

Barbell Weight Clock

Fake Weights introduces the very best replica barbell weight plate designed into a wall clock. This wall clock make a additional to your home, gym, or office decor. This awesome piece of gym decor features a patent pending design made of solid high density foam, so it’s extremely lightweight, while looking like a true 45 lb barbell weight. Features a 17″ round diameter, 1.5 inch thick on the edges, and white painted lettering. Order today and have the ultimate fitness or exercise talking piece for your decor!

Fake Weights offers realistic replica 45 lb barbell plates and dumbbell products used for many events, photo shoots, demonstration videos, technique and education, marketing, displays, booths, decor and more! Obviously not intended for real workouts but for some serious fun! Be sure to check out our one of a kind products.