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Adjustable Dumbbells

These are not prop dumbbell weights, they are real weights and being sold as a pair with insured FedEx shipping. Each dumbbell features 14″ dumbbell handle, with six (6) 5 lb weight plates on each dumbbell; again each dumbbell weighs 30 lbs each, and comes with two (2) 14″ dumbbell weights as a pair. AVAILBLE TO SHIP ASAP


Adjustable dumbbells consist of a metal bar whose center portion is often engraved with a crosshatch pattern (knurling) to improve grip. Weight plates are slid onto the outer portions of the dumbbell and secured with clips or collars. Shown to the right is a “spinlock” dumbbell, whose ends are threaded to accept large nuts as collars. Alternatively, a dumbbell may have smooth ends with plates being secured by a sprung collar. Nowadays, many commercially sold dumbbells are available with sophisticated, and easy-to-use methods for weight increments adjustments.

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 7 in

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