This 45 lbs Studio Series Fake Weight is the most durable and most affordable barbell plate available on the market. This plate is made from high quality materials. Perfect for everyday gym use, crossfit, technique training and personal training. Fake is the only online source to high quality replica barbell plates; at a fraction of the weight.

Fake Weights offer the look, style, and design of real barbell plates used for weight lifting. Need a little encouragement to a heavier lift, we’ve got the solution. Need to show off to your friends and make a killer YouTube or Facebook video for fun and entertainment about your lifting, we’ve got the solution.

All Fake Weights on our site are sold by pairs; you get two barbell-style plates for the price reflected. What are you waiting for? Fake Weights. Fun. Encouragement. Purchase the 45 lbs Fake Weight barbell high quality plate prop pair for $199.99 USD today. ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!


*Our products have been in high demand please allow 3 business days to build and process


    • Weight range: Approximately 5 kg per plate
    • Extremely Durable and lightweight.
    • High quality Rubber and Steel Ring; won’t chip and color won’t fade.
    • Diameters: 17.25″

*Video not fake weights but used to illustrate the use of fake weights for lifting.