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Styrofoam 45lb Fake Weights

 Strength Training, Technique Weights Barbell Plates Only at Fake Weights™.

FakeWeights.com is the world leader on plastic Olympic-style barbell weights and dumbbells that are lightweight. Our fitness Fake Weights are patent pending and you’ll only find these plates on FakeWeights.com.

Our products are used by professionals all over the United States and Worldwide. You will find our barbell and dumbbell weight products in professional athlete photoshoots, weight training, technique training and lifting, personal trainers, gyms, and for viral video marketing.

Our Series 3 barbell plates are industry leading for superior durability and lightweight only weighing 2 lbs each plate while having the look of a 45 lb barbell weight. The Series 3 Fake Weight barbell is most popular among gyms, fitness centers, and weight trainers. Our Super Elite (SE) Series is a patent pending design offered only by FakeWeights.com and features a solid construction, all black design, and is super lightweight!


 Why Fake Weights?

Our customers have told us several reasons they are most interested in our products. Hence, why our motto is Fun,
Encouragement. Our customers have told us that they love a product that helps give them visual encouragement for their lifting and weight training. A visual that gives them the look and encouragement of a heavier lift.

The Super Elite barbell plate makes it ideal for:

  • Viral Marketing;

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    Solid Plastic Plates

  • Sporting Goods Retail Store Designs;
  • Sports Nutrition Retail Store Designs;
  • Commercial or Movie Props;
  • Professional Photo Shoots;
  • Fitness Training;
  • Crossfit Training;
  • Strength Training;
  • Gyms;
  • Personal Fitness Training;
  • Technique lifting;
  • and of course just fun!

Others have told us they are looking to make the next big YouTube video with their lifting style and to create buzz around the “fun” of Fake Weights. So whether you’re looking to get more visual lift for encouragement or simply looking to make the next big viral video….FakeWeights.com can help!